We are on holiday

Or­ders placed between june 10th and july 10th will take a litt­le lon­ger. De­li­ve­ry time is about 4-5 weeks. En­joy the sum­mer!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for your sup­port this year! Now it is time to slow down towards christ­mas. New or­ders will be rea­dy in ja­nua­ry 2020. Mer­ry christ­mas. <3

You can find MUUTE`s bags in Nudge

Nud­ge is a co­lour­ful and sus­tai­nable li­fes­ty­le sto­re in the cen­ter of Hel­sin­ki and you can now find the­re also MUUTE´s back­packs and bags.

MUUTE bags and backpacks in Kallio

Hel­sin­gin Kal­lios­sa osoit­tees­sa Hel­sin­gin­ka­tu 17 si­jait­see iloi­nen pie­ni kaup­pa ja gal­le­ria Rõõm. Koko pu­tiik­ki ja sen va­li­koi­ma on kau­nis kuin kark­ki. MUU­TEn mal­lis­tos­ta Rõõ­mis­tä löy­tyy AHTI, mi­niAH­TI ja ONERVA.