The name MUUTE combines two Finnish words that summarize the main value of the label: muutos (change) and aate (ideology). The small Helsinki based company designs and manufactures back bags and bags from leftover textiles.Every bag is made with care on Suomenlinna island in front of Helsinki with the intention to produce reliable and long-lasting companions for your adventures. MUUTE is known for its timeless designs that fit young and old.

The bags are made from leftover fabrics of the Finnish army which are durable and water-resistant. Every bag is fully lined with a secondhand fabric. The leather parts are mostly leftovers from other manufacturers.  The straps are produced in Belgium and Czechia, the zippers in Finland, Poland and Turkey.

Every bag is made to order and ready to be shipped in three weeks.

The label is run by Annika, originally a musician who felt the urge to create something more concrete with her hands. Her second name happens to be ErdMUTHE, an ancient German name meaning mother earth.

Suomenlinna B 31 F 1
00190 Helsinki


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